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Vorticity-based flow simulation around moving bodies

Published on:

15 September 2023

Primary Category:

Fluid Dynamics

Paper Authors:

Xinjie Ji,

James Gabbard,

Wim M. van Rees


Key Details

A moving sharp interface treatment allows second-order accuracy with moving boundaries

Vorticity-velocity equations avoid complexities of the pressure field

Control volume analysis enables two-way coupling without a pressure solve

Validations show accuracy for flows around moving and coupled obstacles

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Vorticity-based flow simulation around moving bodies

This paper develops a computational method to simulate fluid flow interacting with moving solid objects. The approach represents flow using the vorticity field, which simplifies treatment of the pressure term. A sharp-interface immersed boundary method is introduced that achieves second-order accuracy even with moving boundaries. The method is extended to allow two-way coupling between flow and moving rigid bodies. Various validations demonstrate the approach's accuracy for one- and two-way coupled problems.

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