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Simplified model of two-phase flows

Paper Authors:

Xiaoli Li,

Nan Zheng,

Jie Shen,

Zhengguang Liu


Key Details

Presents fully decoupled, linear schemes for two-phase incompressible flows

Schemes are unconditionally energy stable and only require solving Poisson equations

Provides rigorous second-order error analysis in time

Numerical results verify convergence rates and model applications

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Simplified model of two-phase flows

This paper develops efficient numerical schemes to simulate the dynamics of two-phase incompressible fluids. The model couples the Cahn-Hilliard equation governing phase separation with the Navier-Stokes equations for hydrodynamics. The authors construct fully decoupled, linear schemes that are unconditionally energy stable and require only solving sequences of Poisson equations. Rigorous error analysis is provided, demonstrating second-order accuracy in time. Numerical results verify the convergence rates and explore applications including shape relaxation, flow-coupled phase separation, and buoyancy-driven flows.

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