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Spectral difference simulation of two-phase flows

Published on:

28 March 2024

Primary Category:

Fluid Dynamics

Paper Authors:

Niccolò Tonicello,

Guido Lodato,

Matthias Ihme


Key Details

Presents a spectral difference scheme for two-phase flow simulation

Uses a five-equation diffuse interface model with Allen-Cahn regularization

Interpolates primitive variables when computing fluxes to prevent spurious oscillations

Assesses performance on droplet advection, Rider-Kothe vortex, Rayleigh-Taylor instability, shock-droplet interaction and Taylor-Green vortex cases

Shows high-order accuracy in capturing interface dynamics and flow features

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Spectral difference simulation of two-phase flows

This paper presents a spectral difference method to simulate compressible two-phase flows using a five-equation diffuse interface model. The scheme is modified to interpolate primitive variables like pressure and velocity when computing fluxes, avoiding spurious oscillations at material interfaces. Several numerical tests assess the approach: a droplet advection case shows stability; the Rider-Kothe vortex and Rayleigh-Taylor instability demonstrate accuracy; shock-droplet and Taylor-Green vortex simulations prove robustness. Overall the high-order method captures interface dynamics well.

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