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Partial curve stabilization of nonlinear systems

Published on:

8 November 2023

Primary Category:

Optimization and Control

Paper Authors:

Victoria Grushkovskaya,

Iryna Vasylieva,

Alexander Zuyev


Key Details

Presents a novel approach to stabilize system behaviors along non-feasible curves, not just fixed points

Uses time-varying feedback control laws to achieve exponential stability

Satisfies relaxed controllability conditions based on Lie bracket spanning

Demonstrated for an underactuated autonomous underwater vehicle model

Advances control capabilities for robotic navigation in complex environments

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Partial curve stabilization of nonlinear systems

This paper develops a method to stabilize nonlinear control systems along arbitrary curves, not just equilibrium points. Through time-varying feedback laws, the system's behavior can be attracted to and stabilized in the vicinity of a given non-feasible trajectory. This expands the framework of partial stability theory and has applications in robotics for more flexible maneuvering.

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