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Adaptive control for robot arms under dynamic constraints

Paper Authors:

Viswa Narayanan Sankaranarayanan,

Sumeet Gajanan Satpute,

Spandan Roy,

George Nikolakopoulos


Key Details

Proposes adaptive control for Euler-Lagrange robot arms

Handles unknown parameters and time-varying constraints

Doesn't require bounds on uncertainty for stability

Lyapunov analysis proves error bounds

Simulations show improved performance

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Adaptive control for robot arms under dynamic constraints

This paper proposes a novel adaptive control method for robot arms modeled with Euler-Lagrange dynamics. It can handle unknown system parameters and time-varying state constraints, without needing bounds on uncertainty. A Lyapunov stability analysis proves the controller keeps errors within predefined bounds. Simulations of a 2-link manipulator show improved performance picking and placing payloads versus other adaptive and barrier Lyapunov methods.

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