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Phantom dark energy constraints from early universe measurements

Published on:

25 March 2024

Primary Category:

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

Paper Authors:

José Antonio Nájera,

Celia Escamilla-Rivera


Key Details

Studies phantom dark energy using a tracker scalar field with hyperbolic polar coordinate formulation

Employs model-independent CMB data from SPT-3G, ACTPol, and WMAP9

Combines with late-universe supernova, BAO, and cosmic clock data

Phantom model reduces H0 tension to <3σ for SPT-3G+WMAP9 and ACTPol+WMAP9 datasets

Suggests phantom DE could help resolve tensions in standard cosmology

AI generated summary

Phantom dark energy constraints from early universe measurements

This paper explores constraints on phantom dark energy models using measurements of the early universe from the cosmic microwave background along with late-universe observations. The goal is to obtain tight constraints on cosmological parameters like the Hubble constant H0 and matter clustering amplitude σ8, which show tension between early and late universe measurements in the standard model. The results suggest these phantom models can reduce the H0 tension to less than 3σ when using model-independent CMB measurements, so they may help address issues in the standard cosmological model.

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