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Interacting dark energy and cosmic expansion

Published on:

7 July 2023

Primary Category:

Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics

Paper Authors:

Trupti Patil,


Sukanta Panda


Key Details

Studies an interacting dark energy-dark matter model with time-varying interaction

Uses CMB, supernovae, chronometers, megamasers, growth data, and local H0

Finds dark energy differs from cosmological constant at early times

Allows a small dark matter-dark energy interaction at late times

Combined data give H0 agreeing with SH0ES but in tension with Planck

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Interacting dark energy and cosmic expansion

This paper studies a theoretical model of interacting dark energy and dark matter. Using data from CMB, supernovae, cosmic chronometers, megamasers, growth measurements, and local H0, the analysis finds dark energy may differ from a cosmological constant at early times, and allows a small interaction at late times. The combined data give an H0 agreeing with local SH0ES measurement but in tension with Planck.

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