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AI's potential to replace human work

Published on:

9 October 2023

Primary Category:

Computers and Society

Paper Authors:

Peter S. Park,

Max Tegmark


Key Details

AI may increasingly replace human livelihoods rather than augment them

A pro-human movement opposes unchecked AI deployment

An AI replacement movement aims for unchecked AI deployment

Complete unity helps the pro-human movement prevail over a large threat

Acting before clear signs of the threat appears is pivotal

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AI's potential to replace human work

This paper explores the possibility that AI systems could outperform and replace humans in economically valuable work. It models the conflict between a pro-human movement seeking to restrict AI, and an AI replacement movement aiming for unchecked AI deployment. The paper finds that against a sufficiently large AI automation threat, the pro-human movement would benefit from complete unity and early action, rather than waiting to see clear signs of the threat.

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