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Tool for standardized reporting of MRS methods

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Antonia Susnjar,

Antonia Kaiser,

Dunja Simicic,

Gianna Nossa,

Alexander Lin,

Georg Oeltzschner,

Aaron Gudmundson


Key Details

REMY populates hardware and acquisition sections of MRSinMRS table

Extracts parameters from GE, Siemens, Philips, Bruker file types

Generates methods section text for easy reporting

User-friendly standalone app with GUI

Open-source design enables community contributions

AI generated summary

Tool for standardized reporting of MRS methods

The REMY software application was created to address poor reproducibility in MRS research due to non-standardized reporting. By automatically extracting key parameters from MRS data files and populating the MRSinMRS reporting table, REMY streamlines adherence to consensus guidelines. Its compatibility with major vendor formats through an intuitive interface aims to promote widespread adoption. Despite limitations in accessing certain hardware details, REMY significantly contributes towards acquisition parameter reporting.

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