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Exceptional points in optical sphere dimers

Published on:

27 July 2023

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Alexey A. Dmitriev,

Mikhail V. Rybin


Key Details

Exceptional points cause degeneracy and can make optics systems defective

Parity-time symmetry breaking exceptional points need gain/loss contrast

Retardation can cause exceptional points without any gain/loss contrast

The two regimes have a smooth transition between them

Formulas connect sphere parameters to exceptional point properties

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Exceptional points in optical sphere dimers

This paper analyzes exceptional points, which are degeneracies in non-Hermitian systems, in optical dimers made of two dielectric spheres. It shows these can arise due to parity-time symmetry breaking when gain/loss contrast is introduced, or due to retardation effects causing an internal frequency dependence, even without any material contrast.

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