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Qiskit software for quantum computing

Published on:

14 May 2024

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Ali Javadi-Abhari,

Matthew Treinish,

Kevin Krsulich,

Christopher J. Wood,

Jake Lishman,

Julien Gacon,

Simon Martiel,

Paul D. Nation,

Lev S. Bishop,

Andrew W. Cross,

Blake R. Johnson,

Jay M. Gambetta


Key Details

Qiskit enables composing circuits with gates, pulses, and high-level operators

Transpiler optimizes and maps circuits to diverse hardware architectures

Supports executing parameterized circuits on simulators and hardware

Integrates quantum circuits with real-time classical control flow

Used in research, education, and running applications

AI generated summary

Qiskit software for quantum computing

Qiskit is an open-source software development kit for quantum computing research, education, and applications. It provides tools for composing, simulating, optimizing and running quantum circuits, targeting various hardware backends. Key features highlighted include modular design, performance considerations, hardware portability, multiple abstraction levels, and integration of quantum and classical computing.

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