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Unraveling the sideways motion of an erupting solar filament

Published on:

17 August 2023

Primary Category:

Solar and Stellar Astrophysics

Paper Authors:

Jinhan Guo,

Ye Qiu,

Yiwei Ni,

Yang Guo,

Chuan Li,

Yuhang Gao,

Brigitte Schmieder,

Stefaan Poedts,

Pengfei Chen


Key Details

Filament eruption on Aug 18, 2022 showed lateral drift, captured by SDO and CHASE

GCS modeling found CME flux rope axis deviated from pre-eruptive filament

MHD modeling reproduced observations and lateral drift of filament

Simulation indicates magnetic reconnection causes flux rope footpoint migration

This induces flux rope axis rotation and filament material lateral drift

AI generated summary

Unraveling the sideways motion of an erupting solar filament

This paper investigates a solar filament eruption that exhibited significant sideways drift during its ascent, as captured by multiple solar observatories. Data-constrained magnetohydrodynamic modeling reveals that magnetic reconnection between the erupting filament and neighboring arcades induces the sideways motion. This work underscores the role of 3D reconnection geometry in redirecting erupting solar structures.

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