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RIS-Aided Dual-Function Radar Communication

Paper Authors:

Yasheng Jin,

Hong Ren,

Cunhua Pan,

Zhiyuan Yu,

Ruisong Weng,

Boshi Wang,

Gui Zhou,

Yongchao He,

Maged Elkashlan


Key Details

Investigates RIS-aided dual-function radar communication system

Jointly optimizes beamforming and phase shifting for rate and SNR

Employs AO, WMMSE, penalty, MM and SDR based algorithms

Shows RIS provides significant gain in considered scenario

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RIS-Aided Dual-Function Radar Communication

This paper investigates an RIS-aided integrated sensing and communication system aiming to maximize communication user sum rate. A joint optimization approach alternately optimizes base station beamforming and RIS phase shifting to balance communication rate and radar SNR. Simulation shows the RIS provides significant gain.

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