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Boxing Training Reduces Depression in Parkinson's Patients

Published on:

18 April 2024

Primary Category:

Neurons and Cognition

Paper Authors:

Lorella Bonaccorsi,

Ugo Santosuosso,

Massimo Gulisano,

Luca Sodini


Key Details

RSB training was done biweekly for 8 weeks with Parkinson's patients

Beck Depression Inventory scores fell over time, showing less severe symptoms

Affective, cognitive, and somatic aspects of depression declined

Withdrawing participants reduced sample from 40 to 34

Results still confirm RSB helps motor and mental health

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Boxing Training Reduces Depression in Parkinson's Patients

This study examined the effects of a biweekly 8-week Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) program on 40 Parkinson's disease patients. Results showed RSB training significantly decreased scores on the Beck Depression Inventory, indicating reductions in affective, cognitive, and somatic depressive symptoms over time. Though 6 patients withdrew for logistical reasons, analysis confirmed RSB's positive impact on motor and mental health for remaining participants, suggesting physical activity could complement pharmacological therapy for quality of life improvement.

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