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Daily grid reconfiguration to improve fairness of solar curtailments

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Rahul K. Gupta,

Daniel K. Molzahn


Key Details

A two-stage optimization scheme for topology reconfiguration and real-time voltage control is formulated

Daily grid topology reconfiguration ensures PV plants experience varying curtailment levels over time

Fairness is incorporated via weighting, not an explicit objective, avoiding unnecessary added curtailments

The scheme is validated on the 33-bus test case, showing improved fairness and minor rise in total curtailments

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Daily grid reconfiguration to improve fairness of solar curtailments

This paper proposes a new approach to improve fairness of solar photovoltaic (PV) curtailments required for voltage regulation, without substantially increasing total curtailments. A two-stage optimization scheme is introduced, involving day-ahead topology reconfiguration based on forecasts and prior curtailments, along with real-time voltage regulation. Reconfiguring the topology daily ensures PV plants face varying grid conditions and curtailments. Case studies validate the method's ability to enhance fairness cumulatively over one month, with minimal rise in net curtailments, outperforming other fairness schemes.

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