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Majorana corner modes from magnetic textures on superconductors

Published on:

24 August 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Pritam Chatterjee,

Arnob Kumar Ghosh,

Ashis K. Nandy,

Arijit Saha


Key Details

Proposes new heterostructure to generate Majorana corner modes using magnetic textures

Noncollinear magnetic texture induces effective fields to stabilize topological phase

Calculates phase diagrams and confirms presence of corner modes

Derives analytical model to understand microscopic origin of corner modes

Paves way for practical realization of higher order topological superconductors

AI generated summary

Majorana corner modes from magnetic textures on superconductors

This paper proposes a new way to generate Majorana corner modes, which are promising for quantum computing applications, using a layered structure with a quantum spin Hall insulator between a superconductor and a noncollinear magnetic texture. The magnetic texture induces effective spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman fields to stabilize the higher order topological superconducting phase with Majorana corner modes.

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