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Unraveling vortices and strings in gauge field theory

Published on:

25 September 2023

Primary Category:

Mathematical Physics

Paper Authors:

Lei Cao,

Shouxin Chen


Key Details

The paper introduces a modified Abelian-Higgs model and deduces corresponding Bogomolny equations

Sharp existence theorems are established for vortices and strings over the full plane

Vortex solutions are unique when m < 0; strings exist under a condition on total string number

Decay estimates are obtained, showing the solutions vanish at infinity

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Unraveling vortices and strings in gauge field theory

This paper studies vortices and cosmic strings arising from a generalized Abelian Higgs model. It constructs vortex-like and string-like topological solitons and establishes existence theorems and asymptotic properties. The content is presented clearly for a general audience by focusing on the model, its solutions, and main results.

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