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Properties of strange and heavy mesons in nuclear matter

Published on:

5 October 2023

Primary Category:

Nuclear Theory

Paper Authors:

Arpita Mondal,

Amruta Mishra


Key Details

Properties of strange (K), charm (D) and bottom (B) mesons are studied in nuclear matter

Quark Meson Coupling model incorporates quark structure of hadrons

Meson masses and excitation energies are modified in the medium

Isospin splittings arise in asymmetric nuclear matter

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Properties of strange and heavy mesons in nuclear matter

This paper investigates the properties of strange (kaon) and heavy (charm and bottom) mesons when embedded in nuclear matter, using a quark-based model called the Quark Meson Coupling model. The interactions of the light quark constituents with scalar and vector meson fields in the nuclear medium modify the masses and excitation energies of the mesons. Isospin effects are studied in both symmetric and asymmetric nuclear matter.

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