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Real-time dynamics of an interacting quantum dot with dephasing

Published on:

29 November 2023

Primary Category:

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Paper Authors:

Matthieu Vanhoecke,

Marco Schirò


Key Details

Develop computational method combining diagrammatic Monte Carlo and vectorization formalism

Apply to interacting quantum dot with coupling to fermionic bath and local dephasing

Dephasing reduces average diagram order, alleviating sign problem

Charge dynamics on dot exhibit slowing down with increasing dephasing

Spin dynamics less affected by dephasing processes

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Real-time dynamics of an interacting quantum dot with dephasing

We develop a computational method to study the real-time dynamics of a small interacting quantum system coupled to a quantum environment and local dephasing processes. We find that strong dephasing slows down charge dynamics on the quantum dot, a signature of the quantum Zeno effect, while spin dynamics are less affected. Our method reaches longer timescales than previous techniques.

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