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Optimizing incentives for distribution grid stability

Published on:

28 March 2024

Primary Category:

Systems and Control

Paper Authors:

Guido Cavraro,

Joshua Comden,

Andrey Bernstein


Key Details

Proposes incentives that alter pricing rule to shape customer cost functions

Incentives encourage customers to adjust consumption to support grid in contingencies

System operator computes optimal incentives by solving optimization problem

With limited grid data, feedback algorithms leverage power flow measurements

Algorithms iteratively update incentives to converge to optimum values

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Optimizing incentives for distribution grid stability

This paper proposes an optimization framework to design financial incentives that encourage electricity customers to adjust their consumption to help stabilize the distribution grid during contingencies. The incentives alter the pricing rule to shape customer cost functions. The system operator computes optimal incentive parameters by solving an optimization problem to meet grid operational constraints at minimum cost. When real-time grid data is unavailable, the paper develops feedback control algorithms that leverage voltage and power flow measurements to iteratively update incentives until convergence to optimum values.

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