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Vortex light states in higher-order topological lattices

Published on:

28 December 2023

Primary Category:

Pattern Formation and Solitons

Paper Authors:

Changming Huang,

Ce Shang,

Yaroslav V. Kartashov,

Fangwei Ye


Key Details

Vortex light states bifurcate from linear counterparts trapped at topological lattice core

Nonlinearity controls localization and bandgap position of these vortex states

Lattice topology grants vortex states enhanced stability

Global lattice symmetry restricts maximum vortex charge

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Vortex light states in higher-order topological lattices

Researchers report the existence of vortex light states that are trapped at the core of lattices with a special 'higher-order' topological structure. These vortex states bifurcate from linear counterparts, have controllable localization and propagation properties set by their power, and exhibit enhanced stability due to the lattice topology. The global rotational symmetry of the lattice also restricts possible vortex charges. Overall this demonstrates new opportunities from harnessing topology to stabilize complex light states for applications.

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