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Analytic tunneling solutions for particle physics models

Published on:

19 December 2023

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Theory

Paper Authors:

J. R. Espinosa,

T. Konstandin


Key Details

Presents first nontrivial analytical tunneling solutions for 2-3 scalar fields

Shows technique to construct exact solutions from single-field cases

Solutions can approximate realistic particle physics potentials

Useful to check conjectures, study parametric dependencies of decays

Provide benchmarks to test multi-field numerical tunneling codes

Method extended to include gravitational corrections

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Analytic tunneling solutions for particle physics models

This paper develops new mathematical techniques to find exact, analytical solutions for quantum tunneling rates in particle physics models with multiple scalar fields. These solutions illuminate dependencies of decay rates on parameters. They serve as approximations and benchmarks for realistic potentials and numerical codes studying vacuum instability. The method is extended to include gravitational effects.

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