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Target grasping using vision-language model

Published on:

28 September 2023

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Paper Authors:

Xinyu Chen,

Jian Yang,

Zonghan He,

Haobin Yang,

Qi Zhao,

Yuhui Shi


Key Details

Proposes QwenGrasp model combining vision-language and grasp networks

Vision-language model understands instructions and locates targets

Grasp network generates stable 6-DOF grasps on targets

Allows flexible natural language control of grasping

Can assess feasibility of instructions and handle errors

AI generated summary

Target grasping using vision-language model

This paper proposes a model called QwenGrasp that combines a large vision-language model with a 6-DOF grasp network for target-oriented robotic grasping. The vision-language model understands natural language instructions and locates target objects in a scene. The grasp network generates stable 6-DOF grasps. Together this allows flexible language control of grasping tasks.

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