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Giant electromagnetic spikes in gyrotrons

Published on:

11 July 2023

Primary Category:

Pattern Formation and Solitons

Paper Authors:

R. M. Rozental,

A. V. Slunyaev,

N. S. Ginzburg,

A. S. Sergeev,

I. V. Zotova


Key Details

Gyrotrons can generate giant random electromagnetic spikes called 'rogue waves'

These spikes were analyzed statistically from numerical simulations

Their peak power and duration follow an exponential relationship

This differs from other rogue wave systems governed by cubic nonlinearity

The exponential nonlinearity explains the observed giant amplification

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Giant electromagnetic spikes in gyrotrons

This paper reports on numerical simulations of gyrotrons, a type of high-power microwave vacuum tube. When operated with a high current, gyrotrons can generate random bursts of radiation with extremely large power, known as 'rogue waves'. The peak power and duration of these spikes were analyzed statistically. Unlike classic rogue waves in other systems, gyrotron spikes do not follow the Peregrine breather solution. Instead, their peak power and duration follow an exponential relationship not previously seen. This suggests the nonlinearity governing their growth is exponential, allowing greater amplification. The self-similarity of the most extreme spikes provides insight into the complex internal gyrotron dynamics.

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