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Inverse design of an on-chip cavity for nonlinear optics

Published on:

6 August 2023

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Zhetao Jia,

Wayesh Qarony,

Jagang Park,

Sean Hooten,

Difan Wen,

Yertay Zhiyenbayev,

Matteo Seclì,

Walid Redjem,

Scott Dhuey,

Adam Schwartzberg,

Eli Yablonovitch,

Boubacar Kanté


Key Details

Proposes co-optimization method to enhance nonlinear photonic devices

Designs compact silicon cavity with 1.1MHz pair generation rate

Achieves high coincidence-to-accidental ratio of 162

Interprets device physics with envelope function model

Provides path to scalable quantum light sources on chips

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Inverse design of an on-chip cavity for nonlinear optics

This paper proposes an inverse design approach to enhance nonlinear optical processes like photon pair generation on a chip. The method co-optimizes multiple frequencies to improve field confinement and phase matching. The authors fabricate and test a compact silicon device, demonstrating efficient generation of quantum-correlated photon pairs. Their interpretable design approach could enable scalable on-chip light sources for quantum applications.

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