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Recovering Underwater Vehicle Position from Drone Images

Published on:

8 January 2024

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Antun Đuraš,

Matija Sukno,

Ivana Palunko


Key Details

Combines UAV and UUV sensor data for 3D localization

Provides a low-cost alternative to acoustic positioning

Converts positions to geo-referenced GPS coordinates

Validated in simulation and field experiments

Achieves sub-meter accuracy for UUV position recovery

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Recovering Underwater Vehicle Position from Drone Images

This paper proposes a novel method to accurately and cost-effectively recover the 3D position of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) using aerial drone (UAV) imagery in shallow water. By combining UAV altitude data and UUV depth sensor readings, the approach converts 2D UUV image coordinates tracked in UAV video into 3D coordinates and GPS positions. Simulation and field experiments validate recovering UUV position to sub-meter accuracy without expensive acoustic positioning systems, enabling geo-referenced data collection.

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