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Periodically driven spin system exhibits time crystal and localization

Published on:

28 September 2023

Primary Category:

Statistical Mechanics

Paper Authors:

Mahbub Rahaman,

Akitada Sakurai,

Analabha Roy


Key Details

Periodic driving of quantum spin chain yields time crystal phase

Many-body localization emerges, preventing thermalization

Time crystal and localized phases are coupled, forming a chimera state

Long-range interactions optimal for realizing robust time crystal chimera

Entanglement between phases rises slowly due to suppressed inter-region coupling

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Periodically driven spin system exhibits time crystal and localization

This paper investigates the emergence of an exotic quantum phase called a time crystal in a periodically driven quantum spin system, along with localization effects. The interplay between entanglement and interactions in the spin system allows for synchronized and desynchronized dynamics to coexist, known as a chimera state. The periodic driving enables discrete time translation symmetry breaking, yielding the time crystal, while also inducing many-body localization that prevents thermalization. Notably, the time crystal and localized phases are found to be coupled and robust. Overall, the complex dynamics of this driven spin system give rise to novel quantum phases and phenomena.

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