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Text and Visuals in Circular Charts

Published on:

8 February 2024

Primary Category:

Human-Computer Interaction

Paper Authors:

Shuqi He,

Yuqing Chen,

Yuxin Xia,

Yichun Li,

Hai-Ning Liang,

Lingyun Yu


Key Details

Examines text-visual interplay in circular infographics

Tests impact of text placement and descriptiveness

Embedding text enhances memorability

Simplistic text improves pleasantness

AI generated summary

Text and Visuals in Circular Charts

This paper investigates how text placement and descriptiveness impact the pleasantness, comprehension, and memorability of circular infographic charts. Researchers systematically varied text placement (embedded or side-by-side) and descriptiveness (simplistic, normal, descriptive) in 15 infographic stimuli across diverse topics. Key findings show embedded text and simplistic text contribute to more effective infographic designs.

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