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Diffuse-interface model for multiphase flows

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Chengjie Zhan,

Xi Liu,

Zhenhua Chai,

Baochang Shi


Key Details

Proposes unified diffuse-interface model for gas-liquid-solid flows

Develops novel free energy functional with wetting and penalty terms

Model satisfies energy dissipation, captures dynamics and wetting

Numerical methods developed, including lattice Boltzmann approach

Simulations validate model for complex multiphase flow problems

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Diffuse-interface model for multiphase flows

This paper proposes a thermodynamically consistent and conservative diffuse-interface model for gas-liquid-solid multiphase flows. The model is based on a ternary phase-field formulation and develops a novel free energy functional containing standard two-phase terms, a penalty in the solid phase, and a term reflecting wettability on solid surfaces. The model describes fluid interface dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, and wetting properties efficiently. It is shown to satisfy an energy dissipation law. Numerical methods are developed, including a conservative lattice Boltzmann approach, and simulations demonstrate the model's accuracy and capabilities for complex multiphase flows.

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