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Algebrability of non-measurable functions

Published on:

2 September 2023

Primary Category:

Functional Analysis

Paper Authors:

Szymon Głcab,

Mateusz Lichman,

Michał Pawlikowski


Key Details

Proves strong algebrability for several families of non-measurable functions

Main tool is constructing explicit examples of functions in these families

Builds on recent work studying lineability of these function classes

Utilizes notions like sup-measurability, separate measurability, and Darboux/Baire functions

Relies on set-theoretic axioms like Continuum Hypothesis or combinatorial cardinal invariants

AI generated summary

Algebrability of non-measurable functions

This paper studies the existence of large algebraic structures within various classes of non-measurable functions of two variables. The authors prove these families contain free algebras with continuum many generators, improving prior results on lineability. Key techniques involve constructing explicit non-measurable functions with desired properties.

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