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Dirac fermions confined to graphene Möbius strip

Published on:

22 September 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

L. N. Monteiro,

J. E. G. Silva,

C. A. S. Almeida


Key Details

Studies Dirac fermions on graphene Möbius strip using continuum model

Anisotropic geometry yields geometric potential localizing states

Wires along width show edge state formation and symmetry breaking

Wires along length have states with modified 4π periodicity

Nontrivial topology modifies energy spectrum in quantized way

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Dirac fermions confined to graphene Möbius strip

This paper investigates the effects of curved geometry on massless Dirac fermions confined to a graphene strip with a Möbius topology. The anisotropic geometry induces a geometric potential that concentrates states at the strip edges. Exact solutions found for wires along the width and length reveal localized states and modified periodicity due to the nontrivial topology. Results agree with the lack of parity symmetry and provide insight into relativistic curvatronics phenomena.

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