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Finite quantum model captures nonlinear classical wave dynamics

Published on:

8 January 2024

Primary Category:

Plasma Physics

Paper Authors:

Michael May,

Hong Qin


Key Details

The classical three-wave interaction is quantized into a finite quantum system

Quantum system parameters can be tuned to improve correspondence with classical system

Quantum dynamics capture qualitative and quantitative classical behavior

Field-theoretic quantization enables finite quantum models of nonlinear systems

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Finite quantum model captures nonlinear classical wave dynamics

This paper shows that quantizing and discretizing the classical three-wave interaction equations results in a finite-dimensional quantum system that can approximate solutions to the original nonlinear classical system. By tuning parameters like dimensionality and initial variance, the correspondence between the quantum and classical systems can be extended over longer time periods. The quantum system is able to capture qualitative dynamics like periodicity as well as quantitative measures like frequency, despite being linear. This demonstrates the utility of field-theoretic quantization for modeling finite-dimensional quantum analogues of nonlinear classical systems.

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