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QCD regimes at increasing temperatures

Published on:

8 February 2024

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High Energy Physics - Lattice

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L. Ya. Glozman


Key Details

Indications of three regimes in hot QCD: hadron gas, stringy fluid, quark-gluon plasma

Introduces an electric-sector 'chiral spin symmetry' emerging >155 MeV

Other lattice evidences for stringy fluid regime

Possibility of two phase transitions in large-N_c limit

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QCD regimes at increasing temperatures

This paper overviews lattice results indicating three regimes in hot QCD: a hadron gas below 155 MeV; an intermediate 'stringy fluid' from 155-500 MeV with restored chiral symmetry but still confined; and a quark-gluon plasma above 500 MeV. The paper introduces a 'chiral spin symmetry' appearing in the electric sector above chiral restoration. It discusses the possibility these become distinct phases at large N_c, with two phase transitions.

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