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Dirac fermions in correlated Kondo lattice

Published on:

9 November 2023

Primary Category:

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Paper Authors:

Sawani Datta,

Khadiza Ali,

Rahul Verma,

Bahadur Singh,

Saroj P. Dash,

A. Thamizhavel,

Kalobaran Maiti


Key Details

Nonsymmorphic symmetry protects Dirac cones at high symmetry points

Diamond-shaped nodal line formed from squarenet Sb 5p states

Dirac bands have very high, linear dispersion over wide energy range

Hybridization with Ce 4f states causes 'kink', reducing Dirac slope

But Dirac linearity preserved despite strong correlation

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Dirac fermions in correlated Kondo lattice

This paper investigates Dirac fermions in a nonsymmorphic Kondo lattice system CeAgSb2 using ARPES and calculations. It finds distinct Dirac cones at high symmetry points protected by nonsymmorphic symmetry, as well as a diamond-shaped nodal line. The Dirac bands have unusually high, linear dispersion and form a 'kink' due to hybridization with correlated Ce 4f states, reducing their slope. But linearity is preserved, showing robust Dirac fermions despite strong correlation.

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