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Vortex sheet roll-up and singularity formation

Published on:

2 April 2024

Primary Category:

Fluid Dynamics

Paper Authors:

Julius Bergmann,

Thibault Maurel-Oujia,



Jean-Christophe Nave,

Kai Schneider


Key Details

Performed high resolution computations of vortex layers in 2D Euler flows

Studied impact of varying vortex sheet thickness on palinstrophy growth

Analyzed curvature and vortex strength showing singular-like behavior

Investigated self-similar vortex core structure for small thicknesses

Tracked complex singularities revealing non-uniqueness of solutions

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Vortex sheet roll-up and singularity formation

This paper numerically investigates the formation of singularities in 2D incompressible Euler flows, specifically the roll-up of regularized vortex sheets, using a highly accurate characteristic mapping method. Different vortex sheet thicknesses are studied. Key findings relate to vortex core curvature, vortex strength, palinstrophy growth, and tracking singularities in the complex plane, revealing non-uniqueness of solutions.

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