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AI for Stock Selection

Published on:

8 January 2024

Primary Category:

Computational Finance

Paper Authors:

Georgios Fatouros,

Konstantinos Metaxas,

John Soldatos,

Dimosthenis Kyriazis


Key Details

MarketSenseAI system uses GPT-4 AI to analyze stocks

It examines financial data, news, macro trends for insights

System emulates reasoning of financial analyst teams

Provides actionable signals to buy, hold or sell stocks

Signals include detailed explanations for transparency

AI generated summary

AI for Stock Selection

This paper presents MarketSenseAI, an AI system using GPT-4 to analyze financial data and news to generate stock investment recommendations and explanations. In tests on S&P 100 stocks, it achieved 13% higher returns than market benchmarks with comparable risk.

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