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Topological states at domain walls

Published on:

15 November 2023

Primary Category:

Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Paper Authors:

Sang-Hoon Han,

Myungjun Kang,

Moon Jip Park,

Sangmo Cheon


Key Details

Topological states like polarization and Majorana modes can occur at domain walls of trivial systems

Quantized Berry phase differences confirm non-trivial nature of domain-wall states

Concept demonstrated in generalized SSH and Kitaev models

Applicable across tenfold classification table for topological insulators/superconductors

Realizable in condensed matter and optical systems

AI generated summary

Topological states at domain walls

This paper demonstrates that topological domain-wall states can emerge even in systems classified as topologically trivial, manifesting as quantized electric polarization and Majorana zero modes. The authors show that a zero-energy domain-wall state can possess quantized polarization, confirmed by quantized Berry phase differences between domains. This concept is extended to a superconducting system, resulting in Majorana zero modes at a domain wall. Potential realizations span condensed matter to optics.

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