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Cancelling anomalies in 8D gauge theories from 7-branes

Published on:

14 May 2024

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High Energy Physics - Theory

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Ethan Torres


Key Details

8D Sp(k) gauge theory from k D7-branes on O7+ plane is anomalous for k>1

Conjectured cancellation by coupling to 8D TFT, a 'topological Green-Schwarz mechanism'

Construct required TFT by placing D3-branes and fluxbranes at infinity

Topological operators have vector bundles whose KO/KSp-homology classes facilitate cancellation

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Cancelling anomalies in 8D gauge theories from 7-branes

This paper studies an 8D N=1 gauge theory with gauge group Sp(k) that arises from k D7-branes probing an O7+-plane. For k>1 this gauge theory has a subtle anomaly that the authors conjecture can be cancelled by coupling to an 8D topological field theory (TFT). In this work, the required TFT is explicitly constructed by placing D3-branes and fluxbranes infinitely far from the 7-branes. The topological operators from these branes have vector bundles defined on them, and the KO/KSp-homology classes of these bundles play a role in the anomaly cancellation.

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