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Exposing IoT Data via Open Data Portals

Published on:

6 March 2024

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Laura Martín,

Jorge Lanza,

Víctor González,

Juan Ramón Santana,

Pablo Sotres,

Luis Sánchez


Key Details

Bridges NGSI-LD IoT data environment and CKAN-based Open Data portals

Aggregates IoT data into interoperable datasets with rich metadata

Exposes IoT data through Open Data portals, enhancing discoverability

Achieves excellent FAIR data principles ranking when tested with real data

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Exposing IoT Data via Open Data Portals

This paper presents a solution to bridge NGSI-LD-based IoT data and Open Data portals like CKAN. It aggregates IoT data into coherent datasets, generates high-quality metadata descriptions, and exposes the data through Open Data portals while retaining interoperability per the NGSI-LD standard. The solution is validated by exposing real IoT data via the European Data Portal, achieving excellent rankings for Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability.

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