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Simplified Model for Guiding Medical Treatments

Published on:

8 February 2024

Primary Category:

Quantitative Methods

Paper Authors:

Luis L. Fonseca,

Lucas Böttcher,

Borna Mehrad,

Reinhard C. Laubenbacher


Key Details

Complex computational models of patients can help guide care, but pose optimization challenges

Researchers built simplified metamodels that capture key dynamics of patient models

Metamodels enable running simulations to identify tailored, optimal treatments

Findings can then be applied back to more complex patient models

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Simplified Model for Guiding Medical Treatments

Researchers developed simplified computational models called metamodels that can be used to help optimize medical treatments for patients. These metamodels can capture key dynamics from more complex, patient-specific models while being simpler to analyze. They enable running simulations to find optimal interventions, then applying findings back to the full patient models.

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