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Squeezed light generation via magnetostrictive optomechanics

Published on:

7 February 2024

Primary Category:

Quantum Physics

Paper Authors:

Ke Di,

Shuai Tan,

Anyu Cheng,

Yinxue Zhao,

Yu Liu,

Jiajia Du


Key Details

Magnetostrictive forces in yttrium-iron-garnet crystal enable mechanical squeezing

Mechanical squeezing transfers to optical output via state-swap interaction

Squeezed optical bandwidth up to 16 MHz demonstrated

Squeezing robust over large temperature range up to 1 K

Potential for precision measurement and quantum networks

AI generated summary

Squeezed light generation via magnetostrictive optomechanics

This paper proposes using an opto-magnomechanical system to generate a broadband squeezed optical output field. A yttrium-iron-garnet crystal links a microwave cavity and optical cavity, enabling conversion between magnon, phonon and photon modes. Magnetostrictive forces in the crystal induce quadrature squeezing of the mechanical mode, which couples to the optical field. Results show a wide, stable bandwidth of squeezing robust against thermal noise, useful for precision metrology and quantum networks.

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