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Fermi acceleration of Anderson-localized atoms

Published on:

14 November 2023

Primary Category:

Quantum Gases

Paper Authors:

Sian Barbosa,

Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis,

Felix Lang,

Jennifer Koch,

Artur Widera


Key Details

Studies expansion of ultracold fermionic gas in dynamic disorder potential

Observes tunable anomalous diffusion from subdiffusion to superdiffusion

Localization suppresses acceleration below a critical disorder change rate

Connects Anderson localization and Fermi acceleration phenomena

Provides tunable platform to study quantum transport

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Fermi acceleration of Anderson-localized atoms

This paper experimentally studies the expansion of a quantum gas of ultracold fermionic lithium atoms inside a disordered potential that changes over time. By tuning the disorder strength and rate of change, the authors observe different regimes of anomalous diffusion, from localization to superdiffusion. A key finding is the suppression of acceleration for sufficiently slow disorder dynamics, attributed to localization from matter-wave interference. Overall, this connects the phenomena of Anderson localization and Fermi acceleration in a tunable quantum system.

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