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Localizing M5-branes Wrapped on Complex Surfaces

Published on:

21 August 2023

Primary Category:

High Energy Physics - Theory

Paper Authors:

Pietro Benetti Genolini,

Jerome P. Gauntlett,

James Sparks


Key Details

Develops equivariant localization calculus to analyze wrapped brane systems

Applies this calculus to M5-branes wrapping toric complex surfaces

Derives gravitational formula for SCFT central charge in terms of 'blocks'

Matches field theory results, confirming AdS/CFT correspondence

Also reproduces SCFT operator dimensions from supergravity

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Localizing M5-branes Wrapped on Complex Surfaces

This paper develops a mathematical technique called equivariant localization to compute properties of a class of theoretical physics systems called M5-branes. M5-branes are extended objects in an 11-dimensional theory called M-theory. When M5-branes wrap certain complex 4-dimensional surfaces, the physics on their worldvolume flows to a 2-dimensional superconformal field theory (SCFT). This paper shows how to use equivariant localization in the dual 11-dimensional supergravity background to reproduce SCFT results for the central charge and BPS operator dimensions, confirming the AdS/CFT correspondence between gravity and field theory.

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