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Aligning multilingual AI through cultural reasoning

Published on:

9 September 2023

Primary Category:

Computation and Language

Paper Authors:

Bin Wang,

Zhengyuan Liu,

Xin Huang,

Fangkai Jiao,

Yang Ding,

Ai Ti Aw,

Nancy F. Chen


Key Details

SeaEval benchmark evaluates multilingual AI across language, reasoning, culture, and cross-lingual knowledge sharing

Includes new datasets for cultural reasoning and cross-lingual consistency assessments

Models struggle with instruction sensitivity, label bias, inconsistent factual knowledge between languages, and imbalanced multilingual proficiency

Cultural reasoning and cross-lingual alignment are key for advancing multilingual AI

AI generated summary

Aligning multilingual AI through cultural reasoning

This paper introduces SeaEval, a benchmark to evaluate how well large AI models can understand and reason across languages and cultures. Key aspects assessed are language tasks, complex reasoning, cultural knowledge, and cross-lingual knowledge sharing. New datasets focus on cultural reasoning and cross-lingual consistency. Experiments reveal models still struggle with inconsistent responses to rephrased instructions, label bias, sharing factual knowledge between languages, and balanced multilingual proficiency.

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