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Calibrating scintillator timing with coincident backgrounds

Published on:

28 March 2024

Primary Category:

Instrumentation and Detectors

Paper Authors:

Rafael Hunt-Stokes


Key Details

Developed in-situ calibration method using BiPo-214 coincidences

Method calibrates both beta and alpha time responses

Preserves detector radiopurity

Enables particle ID between single-site and multi-site events

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Calibrating scintillator timing with coincident backgrounds

The SNO+ neutrino experiment uses a liquid scintillator detector. As the scintillator composition changes over the experiment's phases, the timing profile changes too. This paper develops a method to calibrate the scintillator's timing using coincident radioactive backgrounds within the detector itself. This allows calibration without compromising the detector's purity. It also enables particle identification between single-site and multi-site interactions.

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