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Autonomous Robots for Environmental Monitoring and Exploration

Published on:

29 March 2021

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Nare Karapetyan,

Jason Moulton,

Ioannis Rekleitis


Key Details

ASVs modeled wind & currents with Gaussian processes to predict environmental forces

Onboard sensors measured forces; linear model predicted trajectory error

Waypoint navigation augmented to compensate using intermediate waypoints

Enabled smooth coverage patterns for lake & river monitoring

Reduced path following error by up to 48% in experiments

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Autonomous Robots for Environmental Monitoring and Exploration

This paper presents a framework for robotic operations in aquatic environments using autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs). It focuses on modeling environmental forces like wind and water currents to improve navigation accuracy. The ASVs collect sensor data to build maps predicting the effect of forces on the vehicle's trajectory. Waypoint navigation is then augmented to compensate, ensuring smooth coverage for monitoring or exploration. Experiments demonstrate reduced error in path following, enabling more precise surveying.

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