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Formation of oriented boron-oxide layer on diamond

Published on:

6 February 2024

Primary Category:

Materials Science

Paper Authors:

Alex K. Schenk,

Rebecca Griffin,

Anton Tadich,

Daniel Roberts,

Alastair Stacey


Key Details

Boron oxide molecules were deposited on hydrogen-terminated diamond

Annealing caused reaction between molecules and bare diamond surface

Resulting layer contains boron-oxide moieties bonded to surface carbon

Layer demonstrates high chemical homogeneity and orientation

May enable new approaches to fabricating boron-doped diamond

AI generated summary

Formation of oriented boron-oxide layer on diamond

Researchers formed a highly oriented, homogeneous boron-oxide layer on a diamond surface under ultrahigh vacuum by depositing boron oxide molecules and annealing. This demonstrates complex molecular engineering of diamond surfaces and could enable alternative fabrication of boron-doped diamond layers.

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