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Basic soliton dynamics in fractional media

Published on:

9 January 2024

Primary Category:

Pattern Formation and Solitons

Paper Authors:

Boris A. Malomed


Key Details

Summarizes models for waves in fractional media

Outlines basic one-dimensional fractional soliton solutions

Shows variational approximation works well

Summarizes first experimental fractional optics result

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Basic soliton dynamics in fractional media

This paper summarizes models describing the propagation of linear and nonlinear waves in fractional (non-integer dimensional) media. The models originate from fractional quantum mechanics and experimental setups emulating fractional diffraction. The paper focuses on one- and two-dimensional soliton solutions produced when cubic or quadratic nonlinear terms are added. It shows the variational approximation method gives good results. The paper also summarizes the first experimental realization of fractional group-velocity dispersion in fiber lasers.

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