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Using open-source AI for educational question answering

Published on:

5 November 2023

Primary Category:

Machine Learning

Paper Authors:

Yann Hicke,

Anmol Agarwal,

Qianou Ma,

Paul Denny


Key Details

Uses open-source LLaMA-2 models as a base for educational QA

Applies techniques like retrieval-augmented generation, supervised tuning, and human feedback tuning

Tests on dataset of 10k QA pairs from a CS course's Piazza forum

Modeling techniques together boost answer quality 33% over baseline LLaMA-2

Retrieval-augmented generation has significant positive impact

AI generated summary

Using open-source AI for educational question answering

This paper introduces an innovative solution for scalable and intelligent question answering in education. It leverages open-source large language models to ensure data privacy. The authors use the LLaMA-2 family of models and techniques like retrieval augmented generation, supervised fine-tuning, and human feedback tuning. Experiments on a dataset of 10k QA pairs from a CS course show preliminary evidence that modeling techniques collectively improve answer quality by 33% over baseline LLaMA-2. Retrieval augmented generation is found to be especially impactful.

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