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Faster optimization of electromechanical switch control

Published on:

6 November 2023

Primary Category:

Systems and Control

Paper Authors:

Edgar Ramirez-Laboreo,

Eduardo Moya-Lasheras,

Eloy Serrano-Seco


Key Details

Sensitivity analysis identifies the most influential control parameters

Optimization is focused on the sensitive parameters only

Convergence to optimal control is much faster

Performance is still very high after convergence

Simulations show a 2x speedup in convergence

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Faster optimization of electromechanical switch control

This paper presents two new methods to accelerate the optimization of control parameters for electromechanical switches like relays and valves. Both techniques leverage sensitivity analysis to identify the most influential control parameters. By focusing the optimization on only the sensitive parameters, convergence is significantly faster while still achieving high performance. Extensive simulations demonstrate the proposed methods can halve the iterations required for control convergence.

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